Take a Virtual Walk down your highstreet


Our Mission

To save the high street and keep local independent businesses trading by extending their shop front across the UK allowing customers from Edinburgh to Devon to experience a unique, local, personal product that they simply would not find anywhere else. We help small businesses grow by being part of a collective virtual highstreet. 

Why we're unique

ASOTHS is the champion of independent, small businesses helping them to extend their shopfront and reach audiences across the UK. We specialise in giving independent traders, designers, shops, brands and services a way of selling their products online without any of the headaches or overheads if they were to run their own online shop. We believe that ‘we’ is better than ‘me’ therefore businesses benefit from being together on one virtual highstreet giving them the opportunity to be seen by a customer who simply may never have thought to find them before.

What separates us from the rest is that we specialise in niche products, services and heritage style brands that quite simply, would only be found on one local highstreet and now can deliver to thousands of households across the country. We also provide free marketing support and business advice to entrepreneurs as part of their journey with us which is integral to their success.


People come to us looking for a ‘type’ of product or service but looking for options and that is exactly what they get with ASOTHS- cherry picked brands from around the UK with specialist products not to be found anywhere else. They may be looking for a birthday gift or a treat for themselves and with ASOTHS they will find something truly unique.