All About The Burn - Chilli Cheese Hamper

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Do you love chilli or know someone else that does? This is the hamper for you!
Contains the following items:
  • Flamin' Heart: An extra hot truckle of cheddar and chillies in a heart shaped truckle.
  • Nibble Nose Chilli: A creamy cheddar cheese with a powerful hit of chilli.
  • Lymn Bank Farm Hot & Spicy: If you like the taste and heat of chilli's this is the cheese for you, not as hot as the flaming heart but you still get a kick!
  • Lymn Bank Farm Hot & Garlic: Strong garlic flavour and then comes a chilli bite right at the end.
  • Pickled Onion Ring Stingers: A jar full chilli flakes and pickled onions.
  • Chuckling Chilli Jam Reapers Revenge:  It’s a taste to be truly scared off, Level 10 on the hot-o-meter! Made with the World’s HOTTEST Chilli - The Carolina Reaper.
  • Chuckling Chilli Jam Scotch Bonnet: A fruity sweet Habanero chilli sauce, to create Caribbean twist sensation.
Packaged in a wonderful burgundy hamper. Can you handle the heat?
  • Shelf Life of 2-6 Months.
  • Store Below 5 degrees Celcius.
  • Contains: Cereals containing gluten, Milk